Faster Rock Tools

We are a strong and internationally recognised growth company servicing global customers and selling drilling consumables for applications in underground and surface mining, construction, geotechnical and well drilling.

About Us

Faster is a Swedish company that serves the mining and construction industries. We put all our efforts in developing first class mining and drilling products.

Our products and services enhance customers' productivity, help ensure workers' safety and reduce environmental impact.

Our high quality drill bits meet the needs of the most powerful hydraulic drifters. We listen to our customers, their needs and provide products accordingly.


Either you want to excavate, drill underground, crush rocks or mine the ores, our comprehensive range of cutting-edge surface and underground mining equipments has been designed to enhance your productivity

Button Bits

We offer all types of Down The Hole Button Bits. Our collection includes Panther, QL, M4 etc in all required specifications.

DTH Hammers

We offer a very comprehensive range of Down The Hole Hammers. Our hammers are used for mining, excavation and drilling. We manufacture different types of DTH hammers with suitable bit for different applications.

Rock Drilling Tools

We offer a large variety of Rock Drilling Tools. The range includes DTh Hammers, DTH Button Bits, Drifter bits and other products used for mining, excavation, drilling and construction purposes.

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